A Closer Glimpse of the Global Entrepreneur, Social Activist, and Patriotic Philanthropist – Mr. Pramod Raghav 

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Gurgaon (Haryana), [India], July 10, 2024:  It is difficult to succeed in any global business because of infinite competition. It is next to impossible to leave a well-established business success for the collective good of the underprivileged society and the greater good of mankind. But there is one concerned and caring Indian citizen who is renowned all around the globe for his  entrepreneurial success prowess and patriotic promise of social welfare, Mr Pramod  Raghav, who is also an inspiring individual and the reason for optimism in the heartbeats for  many underprivileged people in India. His entrepreneurship journey started with the founding of a multi-million-dollar IT company in the USA within 18 months. Then his life journey took a  decisive turn toward the destiny of spearheading social welfare campaigns and initiatives by  returning to India and creating the NGO ‘Niswarth Kadam’ to eradicate social challenges and  make the planet healthier. 

From International Success to Positive Impact 

After climbing the business ladder of success in the USA’s tech industry, Mr Raghav was not  satisfied with his successful USA life because his heartbeats were synchronized with his  motherland ‘BHARAT’ and ultimately decided to return to India to dedicate himself to the  greater cause of humanity, away from his well-established IT company to answer the  patriotic call for social welfare and development. To help the helpless selflessly, who need  immediate assistance, he founded ‘Niswarth Kadam’ in 2009, and offered his time, money  and efforts to selflessly help everyone who cannot fulfil the basic needs of life. He is deeply  rooted in the beauty and glory of Indian culture which can be seen in all the campaigns and  initiatives of his NGO. He chose “Niswarth Kadam” which translates to “Selfless Steps” as  the name for his NGO to take all the selfless steps necessary to change the shabby needy  lives into fulfilling independent ones. 

Some Awards, Social Campaigns and Initiatives by Pramod Raghav’s NGO 

Since the beginning of Niswarth Kadam, Mr. Pramod Raghav is playing an active role in  every social welfare campaign which reflects his selfless love for the people of his country.  Under his detailed supervision and caring guidance Niswarth Kadam has successfully  launched several impactful campaigns that offer free food via food vans for more than 500  hungry and homeless in many parts of Gurugram every day for 10 continuous years, free  nutritious meals as well as milk for school kids in many areas, free educational resources  like stationery, shoes, school uniforms and more to underprivileged children of rural areas,  and free healthcare for men, women, kids and the elderly who are homeless on the streets,  tree plantation, cleanliness drives and countless more campaigns to permanently heal the  bruises and injuries of the underprivileged society and vulnerable planet.  

After receiving the award and honour of becoming Times Power Icon 2024 he said “I still  remember when we started our small selfless steps, and now we have touched more than  one million lives, it makes me very proud of my decision to return and spread the bright  intensity of happiness in dark lives.” He has received many other awards like “Haryana  Gaurav” from the honourable CM of Haryana in 2018. His NGO ‘Niswarth Kadam’ was  awarded the ‘Best NGO’ in 2018 by the government of Haryana because of the significant positive impact of the social welfare campaigns launched by Mr Pramod Raghav and  Niswarth Kadam’s team.  

Building a Budding Community of Concerned and Compassionate Individuals 

Mr. Raghav has an unbiased vision for social welfare for everyone including animals, which  is why he offers all the necessary help to many cow shelters (Gaushalas) and has also built  a special shelter for blind cows. This positive, compassionate, down-to-earth, and active  attitude towards collective social welfare has inspired countless to become a part of his NGO  and begin the changes our society truly deserves. He feels obliged to have created a caring  and concerned community of volunteers and donors who are always prepared to become  the change they wish to see in India. The collective efforts of Mr Raghav and this helping  community have been remarkable, leading to the impactful success of every campaign or  initiative for social welfare. 

“The work is not finished, we have to continue as the social challenges still exist, and with  our continuous and constant effort to make society and India better, we will become the  number one nation on the face of the Earth.” – stated Mr Pramod Raghav. His successful  transition from an established entrepreneur to a devoted social activist who is ready to do  whatever it takes to change society for the better reflects his strong promise and firm  commitment to societal betterment. When he was asked about his plans, he said “Through  Niswarth Kadam, I will continue to take selfless steps and lead positive efforts that make a  tangible difference in the lives of many feeble fated faces.”.  

You can also volunteer to join Niswarth Kadam and Mr Pramod Raghav today to see the  deserving visible positive changes in the nation tomorrow. 

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