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Forget bland threads and mass-produced slogans. abnorml., a streetwear brand emerges like a rogue melody, an electric rebellion sewn with stories. Stories bursting with the unfiltered voices of Gen Z, demanding to be heard. 

It’s not just a brand, it’s a revolution stitched with love by a father-daughter duo: Aarohi, a 15-year-old whirlwind of creativity whose heart beats with the rhythm of change, and her father, Ratnesh, a veteran designer. Stitched with love, their venture embodies the power of intergenerational collaboration.

Aarohi Bhatt: The Heartbeat of Creativity

abnorml.’s exclusive designs are made possible by the limitless imagination of 15-year-old Aarohi, a designer whose work goes beyond the norm. Aarohi uses a variety of mediums, including paints, pens, Posca on paper, and iPad graphics, to produce a vibrant range of expressions that reflect her passion for producing captivating art.

At just 13, Aarohi embarked on a transformative journey with YLAC, addressing social issues through her art and earning the prestigious title of ‘Fellow of the Fellowship.’ This journey highlighted the importance of young voices, inspiring her to create a space for herself and other social warriors to share their perspectives.

Aarohi isn’t just an artist; she’s a vocal advocate for social causes. Her designs echo an awareness of gender equality, mental health, and sustainability. abnorml. aims to dress not only bodies but also the world with consciousness and awareness.

Collections that Speak Volumes

abnorml. launched two collections woven into oversized tees, hoodies, and totes, designed to amplify your voice and spark conversations that matter.

Shout Out Loud: This collection is a Gen-Z anthem, unapologetically amplifying voices and demanding change. It asks pressing questions with “Human Kind?”, pleads for compassion with “All We Need is Love” and “Harsh World,” tackles social bias with “Destroy Patriarchy,” shines a light on mental health with “Knock Knock,” “anxietee,” and “overthinker,” rejects unrealistic beauty standards with “Vague,” and cuts through the noise with “OK Boomer.” This kaleidoscope of statements urges introspection, challenges the status quo, and paves the way for a more inclusive future.

Museeum: This collection is a modern homage to timeless art, but with a funky twist. Inspired by the lives and struggles of Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Frida Kahlo, these iconic figures are reimagined with a playful edge. No longer lost in sorrow, Van Gogh emerges with a swagger, cool sunglasses masking his past pain as he loses himself in music. Mona Lisa, finally free from her frame, indulges in the simple joy of blowing bubblegum, her playful tricks erasing the traces of sadness. These reimagined figures spark vital conversations about mental health, reminding us that even legends face battles, and that creativity can be a powerful light in the darkness.

Join the abnorml. movement – a commitment to articulating values that resonate with the Gen-Z spirit. Let’s shape a more inclusive today and inspire change through the power of fashion and advocacy.

To know more about abnorml. journey, click the link below: www.instagram.com/abnorml.in

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