AIIITS’ Transformative Journey in Skill Development

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In the field of Information Technology, All India Institute of Integrated Technical Studies (AIIITS), under the leadership of visionary Ms Piyali Sikder, aims to annually train 10,000 individuals, guiding them towards a prosperous career in the IT industry. Since its establishment in 2012, AIIITS has been committed to the SKILL INDIA initiative and trained more than 10,000 individuals, guiding them towards a prosperous career in the IT industry.

The roots of AIIITS trace back to a humble beginning in 2012 when the institute started with a modest space. Over the years, the institution has witnessed consistent growth, evolving into a giant force in the education sector. AIIITS identified a critical gap – students from mediocre colleges often settle for modest careers due to lack of essential skills. Taking this as a challenge, AIIITS committed itself to empowering such individuals and guiding them toward fulfilling and rewarding career paths.

Under the leadership of Ms Piyali Sikder, AIIITS has trained over 10,000 individuals, turning them from students into well-versed professionals. The institute’s unique approach lies in imparting theoretical knowledge and equipping students with the practical skills demanded by the industry. The impact of this transformation is evident in the success stories of more than 5,000 individuals who have secured placements in the IT industry through AIIITS.

In response to the challenges posed by the lockdown, AIIITS displayed endurance by swiftly transitioning to online training. Notably, during this period, the institute provided free online training to over 1,000 college students, further proving its commitment to empowering the youth. AIIITS recognizes that physical barriers should not confine education, and the institute remains motivated to extend its services to reach more individuals in the coming days.

AIIITS’s dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed. In 2023, the institute was honoured with the prestigious Maharashtra Ratna Puraskar, a testament to its impact on the education sector. Ms. Piyali Sikder, the driving force behind AIIITS, was featured in the Business Outreach magazine as an Achiever of the Year 2023, recognizing her leadership and vision. Furthermore, AIIITS secured a spot in the Silicon India magazine under the “10 Most Promising Cloud Computing Training Institutes 2023,” highlighting the institute’s commitment to staying at the top of technological advancements.

One of AIIITS’ key partnerships is with NASSCOM, solidifying its position as an education partner in the IT industry. Additionally, the institute proudly holds ISO 9001 and 21001 certifications to maintain high standards in education.

Looking forward, AIIITS envisions a future where it continues to be an engine for progress in the lives of aspiring individuals. The goal is to train 10,000 people annually and bridge the gap between education and industry requirements, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their educational background, has the opportunity to build a successful career.

As AIIITS marches confidently into the future, the institute remains driven by the smiles on its students’ faces as they secure employment – the accurate measure of success. The journey so far has been marked by achievements, accolades, and, most importantly, the positive transformation of countless lives. With a clear vision and a dedicated team, AIIITS continues shaping the future of the IT industry and, more importantly, the goals of the individuals it has the privilege to serve.

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