Balistro Consultancy’s Expertise in Meta Ads, Google Ads & SEO

Balistro Consultancy's Expertise in Meta Ads Google Ads & SEO
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Gurgaon [India], February 9, 2024: Two friends, a shared passion, and a dream to redefine digital marketing – the story behind Balistro Consultancy, a young agency taking the industry by storm. Born in April 2022, Balistro’s journey mirrors the dynamism of the digital landscape itself, evolving from a home-based duo to a thriving team of ten, united by a commitment to client success and a vibrant company culture.

From Clients to Business Partners: 

Naman Khetawat and Manav Gupta, the founders, bring complementary expertise to the table. Naman, a Google Ads and branding whiz, navigated the intricate terrain of multi-crore client accounts at Merkle Sokrati. Manav, an expert in Meta Ads and SEO, followed a similar path, starting as an intern and eventually managing his team. Their paths diverged briefly, with Manav founding Squid Minds, but the entrepreneurial spirit drew them back together, leading to the establishment of Balistro.

More Than Just Services:

Balistro offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions, including paid media, branding, SEO, data analysis, creative design, and social media marketing. But what truly sets the company apart is its client-centric approach. With a 98.6% customer success rate, the company treats each client as a true partner, dedicating over 20% of its time to research and identifying growth opportunities. Its hands-on experience and relentless pursuit of results ensure it can achieve client goals.

A Culture of Learning and Growth: 

At Balistro, happy clients and a happy team go hand-in-hand. It fosters a culture that values personal and professional growth, drawing inspiration from companies like Microsoft’s diverse, innovative, and learning-focused environment. Its spacious office buzzes with collaboration, where team members inspire each other to achieve their best.

Beyond the Ordinary:

Balistro doesn’t shy away from experimentation. It understands that not every attempt will succeed, but its continuous learning mindset ensures it keeps pushing boundaries and finding the best possible solutions for its clients. This dedication to innovation extends beyond campaigns, encompassing the use of both human and artificial intelligence to deliver exceptional results.

For company owners and CMOs seeking a marketing partner who goes beyond transactions, Balistro offers a compelling proposition. The company’s blend of expertise, dedication to client success, and commitment to team growth ensures a collaborative journey towards achieving digital marketing goals. For those seeking an agency to narrate their brand story locally and in over 15 countries, Balistro emerges as a notable option. It distinguishes itself as more than a typical service provider; instead, it is a storyteller, strategist, and committed partner genuinely invested in the success of its clients.

Individuals prepared to commence their digital marketing journey are encouraged to contact Balistro Consultancy today. By doing so, they can unlock the full potential of their brand stories with the expertise and guidance provided by the consultancy.

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