FitnessbyKush: Transforming Lives Through Sustainable Fitness

FitnessbyKush: Transforming Lives Through Sustainable Fitness
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New Delhi: Kush is a former corporate professional turned fitness coach and nutritionist. With a background in renowned companies such as Amazon, PayPal, and Razorpay, Kush underwent a remarkable shift during the challenging days of the COVID-19 pandemic, redirecting his career towards his profound passion for fitness.

Over the last four years, Kush has successfully collaborated with more than 400 busy professionals, guiding them towards their fitness goals sustainably while allowing them to relish their traditional home-cooked meals. As an ISSA-certified Personal Trainer/Coach and Nutritionist, he holds one of the most prestigious fitness certifications, allowing him to extend his influence globally, with a clientele spanning 10+ countries and an impressive following of 25,000 individuals across various social media platforms.

His approach is uniquely customised to the needs of busy professionals, mainly working mothers, drawing from his personal experience of a demanding corporate lifestyle. His deep understanding of their challenges enables him to guide them effectively towards achieving lasting fitness results.

Central to Kush’s philosophy is rejecting conventional diet plans and quick fixes. He empowers his clients to embrace their desi home-cooked food, dispelling the myth that weight loss requires sacrificing flavour and familiarity. His methodology ensures that the fitness journey becomes a transformative and permanent shift in lifestyle, eliminating the need for recurring diet plans.

Kush’s journey forms the bedrock of his expertise, overcoming obesity through an in-depth understanding of nutritional science. Inspired by his success, he has guided others on their fitness journey with the same passion and commitment.

Furthermore, his approach addresses various health concerns such as obesity, cholesterol, PCOD, and fatty liver by integrating personalised nutrition and fitness plans. This holistic approach delivers weight loss, improved cholesterol levels, and managed conditions for better health. Unlike rigid diet plans, Kush’s methods empower clients to make informed eating choices, promoting independence and self-sufficiency in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The uniqueness of Kush lies in its commitment to being the client’s “Last Dietitian.” The focus is on shedding pounds and creating sustainable habits that last a lifetime. This commitment is not just a tagline but a testament to his dedication to helping clients achieve lasting well-being through versatile paths to health.

Simultaneously, he has initiated a campaign, ‘The Fit Mom’ to support busy working moms in shedding post-pregnancy weight. Through personalised coaching and adaptable fitness plans, he empowers these resilient women to navigate their fitness journey effectively amidst their bustling schedules.

A critical element that distinguishes Kush is the unparalleled support provided to clients. He engages with them daily, walking alongside them on their fitness journey and offering constant support and guidance. This approach ensures that clients never feel alone, fostering a sense of success in their fitness or fat loss endeavours.

Kush is committed to the transformative power of sustainable fitness. His unique approach, rooted in personal experience and a deep understanding of nutritional science, has helped individuals achieve their fitness goals and redefined the concept of a healthy lifestyle. He continues to inspire and guide individuals towards a healthier tomorrow.

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