Meet Mr. Rakesh Rana Who Is Redefining Corporate Leadership For Balanced Growth

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Do you want to shift your Annual Income to Monthly Income?

Have you ever thought about why some people climb up the ladder in their corporate career quickly with good promotions and positions? 

Meet Mr. Rakesh Rana a High-Performance Coach for Mid-Career, and he has trained more than 30,000 professionals to level up their careers from stagnancy to massive growth by increasing their market valuation. 

Now, you might be thinking, what exactly is MARKET VALUATION, and how do he increase it? 

Market valuation refers to your time and skill-set value in the market that employers are ready to pay quickly.

The more value you can build in front of the employers, the more you get paid.

And before you understand “HOW”, here is what you need to know about Mr. Rakesh Rana

For 18 years, he worked at a corporate job. He started with a regular job, where he didn’t even have enough skills to create differentiation in the market.

Rakesh didn’t start at the top, but he worked hard and reached the top 5% of his field. 

And then, one day, he was thrown out of the company even after being in the leadership role.

He had a family to feed as he was the only earning member. 

But for the first time in his life- Rakesh listened to his heart and not his head. Mr. Rakesh invested lakhs in his education to understand where he went wrong and how he could pull back more robustly and faster. 

From then to NOW, Mr.Rakesh Rana has completely transformed himself. 

Today, he has built a community of leaders who got stagnant in their careers without godfathers. 

He saw their combined incomes increase by OVER Rs. 3,00,00,000.  

From converting his annual income into his monthly income, Rakesh has learned the dos and don’ts of getting the highest level of success in corporate & getting them for mentees over the last 48 months. 

The biggest mistake that most people make is getting stuck in the pretext of comfort and stability without a plan. 

But if you have no plan, how will you even reach your destination? 

Hint: You won’t.  

And today Mr.Rakesh Rana is going to share with you a 7 steps framework that will help you to reach the Executive position by increasing your Market value.  

1. Differentiate Yourself

Instead of being a jack of all trades, be a master of one. When you create a niche for yourself, you get the chance to create a name for yourself and offer new insights within that field. 

2. Match the Speed of Change

The world we live in is constantly in flux with so much happening every day. You need to stay on top of what is happening in your industry. Nobody wants a leader who is unaware.

3. Chase excellence and not perfection.

It is not about doing things right, but about doing the right things. In today’s world, the pursuit of perfection is counterproductive to your career goals. Focus on excellence instead. That is to become Life-Long Learner

4. Become a Growth Leader 

Be obsessed with growth because it’s the lifeblood of your career. Instead of directing your focus towards the completion of short term goals or tactical targets, look for ways to accelerate your growth.

5. Resilience is a Key

Mid-Career is not an easy ride. Failure is not something you should run away from; it’s something you should embrace. The faster you fail, the closer you will be to success (as long as you learn from it). Fail Fast, Fail Cheap and Fail Forward

6. Make Human Impact at Core

Treat everyone around you with respect, regardless of their position, title, or background. Cultivate empathy and offer your help to those in your circle to the fullest extent possible.

7. Power is more effective when it’s shared.

You can’t always achieve your goals on your own. If you already have power, it’s a good idea to share it with your team and encourage a culture of collaboration. 

These 7 tips will help you become a World Class Growth Leader and grab that corner office that you deserve. 

It has worked for 5,000+ professionals that Rakesh has coached, and it will work for you too!  

World is changing rapidly and we need to redefine the leadership approach – Growth Leadership is a holistic approach to achieve Balanced Growth that people are looking for. 

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