Palmonas, building the iconic jewellery brand for Indian millennial women

Palmonas building the iconic jewellery brand for Indian millennial women
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How Indian women’s shop has evolved over years. Jewellery is now seen as an accessory that is art and parcel of an everyday look. Women buy jewellery like they buy bags and shoes.

In these changing times, jewellery is no more just restricted to heavy fine pieces which are super expensive. A woman, who is a working professional needs different kinds of jewellery to elevate her everyday look. Fine jewellery pieces are expensive and imitation pieces look cheap and tarnish in a few usages. Palmonas demi-fine jewellery is a perfect alternative as it sits in between both worlds. Created using high-quality materials like sterling silver and surgical stainless steel, the jewellery is plated with a very thick layer of gold. The jewellery looks like gold, feels like gold, and stays gold. It is very long-lasting and crafted for everyday use. It can be used in the shower, gym, and practically everywhere!

Palmonas’ necklace and mangalsutra collection are among the best-loved collections. Their delicate design and lightweight make them the perfect choice for every day and every occasion. Classy, trendy, and on-point, the necklaces and mangalsutra are the perfect combinations of design and functionality. A mangalsutra with a modern design is everything a woman could want. In addition to making the jewellery look more desirable, the gold plating gives it a beautiful and elegant hue. In addition to their amazing design and lightweight nature, these demi-fine pieces are the ideal solution for those who want to wear something gold without hurting their pocket.

Palmonas’ product line also includes rings, earrings, bracelets, mangalsutra bracelets, anklets, mangalsutra sets, and Luxury sets.Starting from the range of INR 800, the price goes up to INR 47000, making it a one-stop for your all jewellery needs.

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