Prius Brand and Business Partners bags Mega Fashion and Awards Events Delhi Times Fashion Week (DTFW)

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Prius Brand and Business Partners offers a glimpse into the latest Branding and Business Trends at  DTFW 2024 and Socia Media Icons Awards

New Delhi, [India], June 20, 2024: Prius Brand and Business Partners has made a notable impact on India’s fashion, health conclaves, and Awards events. The company has bagged not only PR and Digital Services for Fashion Shows including recently concluded Delhi Times Fashion Week (DTFW) but entire execution of the events-production, operations, talent sourcing, designers and influencer engagement but also onboarding of key sponsors. After its latest collaboration with DTFW to scaled up the aura of India’s biggest fashion show, Prius Brand and Business Partners is all set to organize such events in other metro cities. After successfully executing Social Media Icons Awards last year, it has bagged the entire communications and execution made for Social Media Icons Awards 2.0 which would be organized in Goa and other cities later half this year.

Such mega events require one-stop comprehensive solutions, from strategic planning and flawless production to celebrity sourcing, designer and influencer engagement, media outreach, and digital services, significantly boosting the event’s brand visibility. Efficient coordination and collaborations with key sponsors, renowned designers and celebrity showstoppers resulted in elevation of the fashion event.

“We are excited to create a big buzz in the fashion world and other mega events by receiving a massive response from all stakeholders including designers, influencers, and sponsors. We are happy to be known as a one-stop solution for anything and everything in the fashion and other events. As we have developed several Intellectual Properties (IPs) for different sectors including fashion and lifestyle, our flagship company PRIUS COMMUNICATIONS has been successfully leveraging its expertise to scale up events like DTFW and Social Media Icon Awards with associate Prius Brand and Business Partners,” said Mr. Baldev Raj, Founder and Chief, Prius Brand and Partners.

In close association with Prius Brand and Business Partners, People for Fashion (PfF) reinvented the DTFW in terms of model sourcing, coordination, collaborations, presentation, and flawless production. “We strive to bring unparalleled fairness and ingenuity by providing end-to-end solutions in the fashion landscape. For upcoming events also, our mission is to spotlight the incredible talent that fuels the fashion industry. We proved our credentials at the recently concluded DTFW provided the perfect platform. This year, we scouted and curated a diverse array of models, designers, and artists who brought innovative and inspiring designs to the runway. PfF would continue to provide suitable launchpads for the next generation of fashion leaders,” said Mr. Amit Kumar, Co-founder of PfF.

Cohesive partnerships at the upcoming fashion shows and Social Media Icons Awards would offer a glimpse into the latest branding, business trends, and transformations. All partners, organizers, sponsors, Prius Brand and Business Partners, PfF and others would be demonstrating their passion for mega events by taking these shows’ grandeur, creativity, and credibility to new heights.

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