Three Years Strong: CineVire’s Journey of Transforming Clients’ Visions into Award-Winning Reality

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Zirakpur, (Chandigarh), [India], July 01, 2024: CineVire, founded by Sanjana Bhatia and Amanpreet Singh, has established itself as a leader in the digital media industry, combining traditional film techniques with modern digital platforms. The company specialises in post-production, offering video editing for creators and influencers, corporate videos, and motion graphics explainers in both 2D and 3D.

“With a passion for storytelling and a sharp understanding of digital trends, I saw CineVire as a merger of traditional film techniques with modern platforms,” Sanjana reflects.

Complementing Sanjana Bhatia’s passion for storytelling and sharp understanding of digital trends, Amanpreet Singh contributes his technical talents and untapped potential in video editing and 3D motion graphic design for CineVire’s growth.

CineVire has quickly gained the trust of high-profile clients such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Shopify, Kinder, Doctor Mike, Tropicana, and L’Oréal. Its innovative and creative approach combines traditional film techniques with modern digital platforms to create visually stunning content. The company’s solid infrastructure, built on strong technical foundations and streamlined operations, ensures high-quality output and efficient project management.

“Our projects consistently set new standards in the industry, whether through our post-production work or our motion graphics explainers in 2D and 3D,” says Sanjana. Despite being a bootstrapped company with a team of over ten talented professionals, CineVire has achieved significant growth and success. The company has been known for exceeding client expectations, such as boosting a tech startup’s online presence by 150% and doubling donations for a top nonprofit. The company’s diverse portfolio ranges from compelling digital campaigns to full-length feature films, showcasing its capability to set new industry standards consistently.

Expanding their vision, Sanjana and Amanpreet founded CineVire Film School, which is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of filmmakers. The school offers practical, hands-on training and valuable industry insights, preparing students for real-world challenges in the film industry. “We wanted to give back by training new filmmakers and providing them with the tools and knowledge to excel,” says Sanjana. The courses, taught by experienced professionals, cover all aspects of filmmaking, from pre-production to post-production, and include modern techs such as Video Editing, AI learning, ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, ComfyUI, 2D and 3D Motion Graphics, Color Grading, and VFX.

In addition, Sanjana and Amanpreet have expanded their business idea with Techy Bears, a YouTube channel that provides modern digital solutions and information to the Hindi-speaking IT community. “We’re turning three!” Sanjana shares excitedly. “In just three years, we’ve partnered with over a hundred amazing clients, including big names like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Doctor Mike, and many more. Our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.”

CineVire’s initiatives, which range from increasing a tech startup’s online visibility by 150% to doubling donations for a top nonprofit, demonstrate that it meets and surpasses expectations. “Our contributions have made CineVire synonymous with quality and creativity in the digital media landscape,” Amanpre is happy to say.

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